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Avocado with Bow Badge Reel (interchangeable)
  • Avocado with Bow Badge Reel (interchangeable)

    Our handmade badge reels are made with the highest quality of glitter, vinyl and UV Resin.  They are the perfect addition to add a bit of fun to your work badge! These make excellent gifts for healthcare workers, education staff and honestly anyone who wears a badge. Our badge reels are made interchangeable. With these interchangeable badge reels you can swap out your toppers depending on the seasons, holidays, or your mood! Our badge reels are a must have for any professional searching for a stylish and fun addition to their badge that will last a long time!


    NOTE: We use 3m plastic dual lock low profile velcro. These badge reel toppers will NOT work with traditional velcro.  When purchasing our badge reels you can choose from the "Topper only" or the "Topper with the retractable alligator clip".


    Disclaimer:  We put alot of love into our handmade items.  Each are unique in its own way and may slightly vary with possible minor imperfections.  


    Care instructions: Can break if dropped or knocked on hard surface.  Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat.



    • Refund Policy

      We do not provide refunds, but possible exchanges may be considered on a case by case basis.

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